Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015

Repair a bike in 10 weeks - my Experience with the Service of

I bought a new bike at bikester in April. Got lured by a good bikes with low prices, but forgot to think that this often correlates with terrible service quality.

The bike was shipped about a week later than advertised, but it was a good bike (apart from the fact that the front brakes had not been mounted, so I had to go to a bike store to do that. After losing about 10 days after the delivery of the bike until everything was finally mounted (bikester at least paid the 30 CHF for mounting the brakes), I could finally use it. 

Soon, the chain first rubbed against the gearwheel. I went to the bike store once to fix it. After a long tour, it started to jump up and down when in the second gear. Went to the store to fixe it again. After that fix, it worked ok again for a week or so, then it started rubbing against the gearwheel again. Again to the store. Again, worked for some days, then things got even worse. Chain fell to the inside several times. Chain started jumping up and down no matter which gear I was in. 

- Wrote to Bikester about it. Had them send me a cardboard to pack the bike into and ship it in to repair it-

- Tried to send the bike back for repairs in July. No reply for over a week even though I sent several additional mails stressing it is urgent. Too late to send it in July, so had to wait until September after my vacation.

- After several mails, finally managed to get a pick up date to sent it in on September 24th.

- On NOV 2nd (!), the first reaction: They lost the defect description that I had added twice and sent per email so they asked me to send the description again (even though anyone would have noticed that the chain jumps up and down all the time...)

- On Nov 5th, Bikester claims I destroyed the chain cassette and have to pay for it.

- After some back and forth, on Nov 13th I give in and commit to pay it because I just want my bike back.

- On Nov 26th, I send another mail asking for the status as I still don't have my bike back and with every day, more of my contacts learn about the service quality of Bikester

- On Nov 30th, Bikester answers saying the bike is now repaired and will be sent to me soon

- On Dec 3rd, after 10 weeks (!) in repair, I get the bike back...

And that's only the end of the story. I spare you all the stuff that happened between April and July...


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